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Fashion Lips
Lip pencil

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Lip liner pencil with the latest technology: highly versatile, Jvone Milano Fashion Lips defines the lips, enhancing their shape for a surprising and fashionable make-up look.


Its soft texture and even colour pay-out make application intuitive, ensuring a precise and smudge-free line. A lip pencil is a must-have product every woman’s make-up bag: in addition to being used as a base and to line the mouth in synergy with lipstick, it can also be used as a corrector, filling the micro wrinkles of the lips and correcting small defects, to create the most dazzling of smiles.




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How to Use

Prepare the lips, moisturising and removing flaked skin. Apply Jvone Milano Fashion Lips lip liner pencil, drawing a guideline of small strokes towards the edge: join the line, gently blending it with a brush, and repeat, if you want a more marked effect. To prolong the life of your lipstick, use the Fashion Lips pencil to apply colour to the entire lip.