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Stronglash 24H
Waterproof mascara


New Jvone Milano Stronglash waterproof mascara allows you to accentuate the shape of your eyelashes for 24 hours. By neutralising the effects of facial micro-sweating or excessive ocular tearing, Jvone mascara prevents the appearance of unsightly smudges that can affect even the most hardwearing make up. Resistant to water, Stronglash wraps around the eyelashes, waterproofing them and giving them an intense look with a flawless finish throughout the day: the bristles of its practical brush separate and highlight the lashes, increasing volume and imparting greater thickness and consistency.



How to Use

After removing make-up residue, use the Stronglash waterproof mascara brush to comb the lashes from root to tip. Apply the mascara, taking care to remove any excess product. While Stronglash is still wet, work the brush through the lashes again to complete the application.