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Puffy Eye Pencil
Big eye pencil


Big eye pencil. Highly modular, easy to soften and use. Its soft and ultra-pigmented texture gives an intense stroke, ideal both for outlining eye contour and for creating an elegant smokey effect.

Nuances Puffy Eye Pencil

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Nuances Puffy Eye Pencil

901 Sand, 902 Emerald, 903 Star Blu, 904 Bronze

How to use

Either apply like an eyeliner to get a clear and precise effect by drawing a stroke from the inside corner to the outer one of the upper eyelid or apply like an eye-shadow by spreading it out on the mobile part of your eyelid and by softening it with fingers or with the help of a little brush, to get a smokey effect. Combinable with other colours for a more glamorous and exclusive effect.