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Fashion Eyes
Eye pencil

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Every woman’s must-have, Jvone Milano’s Fashion Eyes eyeliner pencil accentuates the eye with irresistible solid colour boasting impeccable staying power.
Available in 12 fashion shades, each Jvone Milano pencil is characterised by a creamy and fluid texture: ideal for illuminating the eyes with a soft and shiny touch, Fashion Eyes offers easy-to-apply colour, thanks to a professional-level precision. Extremely innovative, the Jvone Milano pencil combines a long-lasting formula with a cosmetic action that outlines the rims of the eyes and enhances their shape and structure.




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How to Use

Apply Jvone Milano’s Fashion Eyes eyeliner pencil from the outer to the inner corner of the eye, repeating several times for a bolder and more intense effect. To apply above the upper eyelashes, draw fine strokes close together and connect them carefully. Repeat for a thicker line; for a natural effect, blend with your fingertips or a brush.